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Serpjump is a Bedford SEO agency

We’re experts on link building, content marketing and social media marketing. 

 Bedford SEO: Our agency great solution for your business, and with our help you can watch your business grow.

 Why are we are different to other Bedford SEO Services?

Honest and Transparent

Serpjump prides ourselves on being totally upfront about everything with our clients. We don’t want to waste our time or yours. Before we start to implement our strategy you will be informed before hand about everything that we do to your website. We even provide a link you can follow to see exactly what we have done and everything we intend to do in the upcoming months.

Peace of Mind   

We are confident in our work and we know you will be happy with the service provided, but just in case this wasn’t enough we offer a 60 day ‘out’ clause were you can decide weather or not to continue with our service.

Clear Marketing Strategy  

We create a unique marketing strategy that is simple and effective.  Every client is different and their marketing strategy should be no different.

All our strategies are intended to meet the clients needs and to meet the aims and objectives that we set out during our first consultation. All our marketing strategies are designed to boost traffic and increase sales.

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Serpjump prides itself on being different to any other Bedford SEO agency, with  our unique link building, prospecting and content marketing techniques we are confident that we can  help your business, beat your competition & increase sales and boost traffic.

Effective Link Building

Serpjump prides itself on it’s link building process and acquisition. Links are important to any campaign as it helps gain traffic and boosts rankings in the SERPs as well as many other benefits. Links are Serpjump’s bread an butter and we aim to make it yours to.

100% White Hat SEO

Unlike any other search engine optimization Bedford, we build white hat links ONLY.  Our business is here to stay and so we are not after quick results. We offer a white hat service because we know this is the best way to gain links and have a long lasting marketing campaign.

Honest Advice

I’m going to be honest i hate when people waste my time and i’m sure you do too. That’s why we make sure that all our client’s are given honest advice with realistic expectations and time frames. More importantly, we don’t sell you anything you don’t need.

Local Exposure

Local SEO Bedford is crucial for any businesses, especially any business wanting to increase it’s visibility and revenue. We make sure you are listed in all the local directories and are the locals first choice of business. This Bedford SEO agency is also local so we know the importance of local exposure.

Boost Traffic

Boosting traffic is very important in any marketing campaign. It helps with exposure and visibility as well as helping increasing your brand and making people worldwide what you brand represents and what your business is about. Serjump increases traffic by implementing a content marketing strategy that create viral content.

Increase Sales

Increasing sales and revenue is our end goal. Everything we do is a stepping stone to increasing sales. At the end of the day there is no point in hiring any SEO agency if theyr are not increasing your revenue. Rankings and traffic is only secondary to our aim to increase sales.

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