13 Advanced SEO Tactics You Can Use in 2018

13 advanced SEO tactics

SEO is just as important as it ever was in 2018.

Google takes search engine optimization seriously which is why they are always trying to give searchers the best results.

What does this mean?

It means SEO is still popular more than ever, and you should take it more seriously.

Good thing for you is, more people are creating websites, but are forgetting SEO.

It’s an easy win!

Keep calm and carry on optimizing, and you’ll see real results.

Knowing more advanced SEO tactics than your competitors is great, as you’ll be running rings around your rivals, and they’ll be left wondering how you did it.

To help you stay at the front of the pack, here are 13 advanced SEO techniques that your competition won’t know.

Advanced SEO Tactics

1. Increase your presence

When you get involved in marketing, it’s best not to put all your eggs in one basket.

The same goes for SEO.

For this first tactic, it involves you increasing your visibility across multiple platforms.

Create multiple social media accounts, and be active on all of them. That’s the best way to inverse your presence across multiple platforms.

TIP: Be social on social media.

Think of every social media platform and be active on all of them, even the ones you don’t think are popular.

Think about it, even if you can slightly increase your brand on a social media platform like periscope, then it’s worthwhile as you wouldn’t have otherwise reached that audience.

Think of it like being a bear, your claiming your territory. Soon, you’ll notice your brand appear higher in the SERPs, as you’re marketing yourself in more places.

2. Create a mobile app

Create an app to help improve your SEO.

I know it sounds crazy, but that’s because it kind of is.


Before you already leave a comment, I know, it’s expensive


Creating an app can help you appear in the search results, when a user makes a query.


Well, if you didn’t know already, Google has the ability to index apps with something called Firebase App Indexing.

This is how Firebase App Indexing works:

A searcher in your industry makes a search, and discovers your app, and that helps boost your SEO.

For example, when I type in “Coldplay concert tickets” on Google, an app appears on the first page:

coldplay concert tickets

If you createed an app which appeared on the first page of Google, it will become extremaly valuable to your brand, and help you with your SEO efforts.

I know it’s costly, BUT it has amazing advantages having your app appear on Googles first page.

3. Fix crawl errors

URL errors occur when search engines have difficulty trying to crawl your URLs. Common example of crawl errors are down to 404, DNS settings, and server errors.

404 error

URL errors have a negative impact on your SEO, so it’s important to fix any crawl errors as soon as possible.

Crawl errors are often easy to fix, so there’s no need to rack your brain. If you want to know more about how to fix crawl errors, check out Moz’s guide.

4. Optimize your images

It’s not just your content that has to be optimized, your images have to as well.

If your website uses large amounts of images within its content, then more work needs to be done. Larger files lead to slower page-load times, so you’ll need to optimize your images for better SEO.

How to optimize your images SEO:

  • Ensure all images include keyword-rich alt tags (but don’t keyword stuff)
  • Give your images accurate names (e.g., link building-chart-graph-gif)
  • Compress all files to increase page speed (don’t go over-board at the expense of quality)

5. Take advantages of LSI (latent semantic indexing)

Latent sematic indexing (LSI) are very powerful, and can help you rank for multiple keyword and phrases. However, not many sites are taking advantage of the benefits LSI can bring.

This is why it’s one of my favorite advanced SEO tactics to use.

LSI is what search engines use to find keywords which are related to your main keyword. Basically, LSI find Synonyms for keywords.

For example, if your writing a blog post about Spotify, you’d include “Spotify discover weekly” as an LSI keyword.

Let’s look at LSI at work. When you Google “best computers,” one of the very first pages that appear is this post by TechRadar:

TechRadar, best pc

Immediately you can see the phrase “best PCs” within the post’s title.

If you read the post, you notice other keywords throughout like “Price” and “affordable”.

And what a surprise, when you Google “affordable computers,” the same article appears on the first page.

This article is a great example of LSI in action.

Use this advanced SEO technique in your articles, and you’ll see for yourself how LSI can improve your SEO.

6. Optimize all your landing pages

When you think about landing pages, you don’t really think about SEO do you?

Well, you should.

Getting people to your landing pages are great, but if they’re not optimized you’re missing out maximizing the full potential of your landing page.

Here’s a great landing page from Copyblogger:

Copyblogger landing pages

Copyblogger as insanely good at creating landing pages, and do you know why?

Because they put a lot of time in perfecting them.

Here’s how you can optimize your landing pages:

  • Sprinkle a few long-tail keywords in your landing page.
  • Make your landing page around 2000 words.
  • Make your landing page clear and relevant to the audience your targeting.

It’s not hard, but it does require some TLC.

It’s best to do all the hard work upfront, so you can relax later.

7. Look at the keywords your competitors are targeting

This is a sneaky SEO tactic I like to use to beat my competition.

By looking at your competitor’s keywords, you can see what you’re going up against and base a strategy on how you’re going to overtake them.

Look at how your website is performing, in comparison to theirs.

Use SEMrush to spy on your competitor’s keywords. It’s amazing, and FREE!

Enter the URL you want to look at (e.g., kaiserthesage.com), and you’ll see something similar to this:

Kaiserthesage SEMrush

Once the results are back you’ll be able to see things like the top organics keywords, their traffic, and volume. But if you look closely there is also a section that allows you to see a websites main organic competitors.

Make sure to enter your own site, as well as your competitors on SEMrush. It’s a fantastic tool and you should regularly use it to check on how your competitors are doing.

8. Fix any broken links

Like any website owner, I use a lot of links in my blog posts.

Unfortunately, linking isn’t a set-and-forget process. You have to be aware of any links that are broken so it doesn’t have an impact on your websites SEO.

If your websites has lots of broken links, search engines will think your website is not very accessible, and they may lower your rankings.

In order to stop this from happening, make sure you check all internal and external links to ensure the health of your website is maintained.

A great tool to help you find broken links is SEO Spider by Screaming Frog. This tool is also great for anything to do with the on-page SEO of your site.

SEO Spider by Screaming Frog

9. Keep code to a minimum

Having too much of anything is never good, and the same can be said for the amount of code on a website.

If your site has too much code, it can make your page load time very slow and search engines will take longer to crawl the site. More often than not, JavaScript and CSS are the cause of the problems.

Keep the amount of code to a minimum to increase page load time, and the faster your website is, the better SEO.

10. Fix errors in your code

Having too much code is not good, but what’s worse is when you have large amounts of invalid code.

Having errors in your code will slow the speed in which the search engines can crawl your site. It also indicated to Google that your site is poorly structured and maintained, and your website will go downhill.

To check if you have any errors in your code, check out W3’s markup & CSS tool.

Depending on the amount of code present on your site, it could take a while to fix the issue, but it’s something which must be done.

11. Create answer posts

People don’t know much about SEO.

They’re always hungry for more knowledge.

That’s why they often ask questions on sites like Quora!

However, there isn’t much answers out there.

That’s where you come in and save the day.

Create a response that is in-depth, and well-written to someone’s answer, if possible look for questions that hasn’t got many answers.

Create an answer that is the best it can be and make sure to link out to your site, but only if it’s relevant.

The benefits of this technique is two-fold:

First, you are answering someone’s question (a potential customer!)

Second, your giving your links some loving by making them visible to countless numbers of readers. People will see you as an authority figure, and they’ll click on your links.

12. Use Infographics

Infographics are an alternative method to promote your content and boost your SEO.

To make the best infographics they have to include two things: amazing content and great design.

Infographics aren’t all about the design, the content that goes into them is just as important. Missing any one of these elements will result in people not liking your infographics, and it’ll be a waste of time and money.

Try and include around 2000 words of high quality content to make sure your infographics performs well.

13. Make videos

Video marketing is not new, but it’s already going crazy.

According to marketing land, 62% of all Google searches are made up of video.

Also, videos are much easier to get on the first page of Google than a website.

If you’re not using videos already, you better get started.


The SEO industry is has grown more than ever before.

If you want your business to do well, you have to at least know the basics of SEO.

Many sites won’t pay attention to the most effective way to use SEO, which means it makes your life easier to overtake them and leave them for dead.

Make sure you stay updated on all the latest news on SEO, trust me it’ll be worth it.

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