Have you ever considered how your business can benefits from SEO?

All businesses need SEO.

So here it is, 45 reasons why every business needs SEO.

45 Reasons Why Every Business Needs SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website to increase the organic traffic to your site.

The most common search engines are Google, Bing and Yahoo and with SEO, these engines can deliver high rankings to your site and more traffic.

You are taking a big risk when you ignore SEO, and without it your website visibility will suffer. For every day you are not optimized, you will lose visitors, which means you lose money.

Here’s why.

1. People are looking for your products online

93% of online activity starts with a search engine and with close to 40,000 searches done every second, you are missing out on huge opportunities if you are not optimized. The most important benefit of SEO is that your potential customers are searching daily, so do you want them to find you or someone else?

2. SEO generates quality traffic

When people use search engines, they are likely looking for something specific. Through SEO you can ‘pull’ them in, rather than ‘push’ through using advertising and other persuasive techniques.

3. SEO traffic has a better chance to convert

Organic search traffic reports the best conversion rates for most websites, so make sure you are well positioned on the search engines, so you are opening yourself to more business.

4. SEO increases leads

So long as you have a viable product or service and quality website content, SEO will work to increase your sales and potential leads for new business. SEO is important for business because the right strategy will ensure higher conversions.

5. Lower cost per acquisition

SEO is completely free which is less expensive than advertising. The only money you put out, is the funds used to hire a great SEO company.

6. No paid advertising

With a strong SEO strategy, there is no need to pay for advertising to attract customers. Website traffic will increase on its own, leaving you money to spare for other important areas of investment.

7. 24/7 promotion

SEO never takes a break, there is no down time. Each and every day your SEO will increase traffic to your site and your rankings will not disappear overnight. While you rest, your SEO keeps working to build business.

8. SEO builds trust and credibility

People trust Google and rely on it to find what they are looking for. So when Google places you in the top ranks, you’re automatically get trust and credibility among consumers. Little fact: 45% of search engine clicks go on the first page.

9. SEO is long term

To get optimal rankings you may have to wait 6 to 12 months, but this is normal in the SEO world. Rankings need to be built, and this takes time. Once you have achieved a top spot, it is rare that you will fall down, unless you drastically change your website content or competition increases.

10. Your customers are better informed

Most people use search engines to research items or services because they want to make informed decisions. When it comes to choosing between the options, higher SEO rankings provide more education which indirectly establishes trust.

11. Influence your customers to buy your service

Since trust and credibility is increased, the purchasing decisions made by customers also increases. SEO can be used to improve conversions through the influence of their purchasing decisions in this way.

12. Increased brand awareness

SEO can help your target audience become more familiar with your brand. Awareness is important because even if a website browser is not ready to purchase every time, having knowledge of your service will bring them back to you when it is time to purchase.

13. Increased customer attribution

Along with increased awareness, SEO increases customer attribution at the same time. This consists of how many times a consumer will see your brand, so the more they see you, the more prominent you are in their minds. Having a strong SEO ranking will increase your touch points with potential customers.

14. Organic SEO creates more clicks than PPC

Organic SEO listings get 85% of clicks because most search engine users avoid paid advertisements. Users trust Google, so by investing in SEO you will get more traffic than the advertisers do, even when the same keywords are used.

15. Increased website referrals

Search engines provide more opportunity for referrals which in turn means visitors to your site will refer you to their contacts. This is why SEO is important for businesses and their desired growth.

16. SEO is measurable

You can easily keep track of your conversions as well as their source. Additionally, you can measure your ranking progression and organic traffic. The right SEO tools can help you keep track of the successful keywords to make sure you keep business coming in.

17. SEO drives offline sales

Given that customers do research before deciding to purchase and most of this research is done online, your SEO can help to drive offline sales. Finding you among the top ranks in a search engine will prompt them to visit or call to buy your products.

18. Cost-effectiveness

Once you have a high ranking on search engines you can press pause on your paid advertising campaigns. Since you do not have to pay for search engine clocks, let them do the work for you and save your money for other valuable areas of the business.

19. Everybody, including your competitors are using SEO


Survival of the fittest is the game, so be aware that your competitors are using SEO to improve their ranks. If you do not stay ahead of the game and employ SEO tactics to grow your business, you may not have a successful business for long.

20. Smaller businesses get the advantage

Larger organizations have the budget to spend on getting customers. An effective SEO strategy can be more effective than any advertising, so smaller companies can get an advantage. Using this alternative strategy, smaller businesses can beat get recognized over the big guys and increase their potential.

21. Increase market share

When you are the first option, your customers won’t be concerned with the alternatives. In this day and age nobody has time to scroll through 10 pages of Google search results, and facts show that 75% of users never scroll past the first page.

22. Break into new markets

When you have an optimized website, you can expand and target other keywords. Choose keywords that represent your new products and services, and watch the search engines drive the qualified traffic your way.

23. Increase the value of your business

As SEO rankings increase, so does the value of your company. In the event you are looking to sell your business, potential buyers will consider high SEO rankings a valuable asset. SEO rankings hold their value for quite some time, so this benefits any new owner.

24. Integrate other marketing strategies

SEO is essentially online marketing, so any marketing activities contribute to SEO rankings. Integrate all your marketing activities including web design, content marketing, social media and online advertising so they contribute successfully to your SEO.

25. Improve marketing ROI

Integrated marketing strategies improve SEO rankings as well as overall ROI.

26. SEO is the new PR

SEO is now considered the new PR strategy that you must have. To get high rankings you need to provide high quality backlinks from external websites. The more you have, the more relevant your website becomes, which means the higher your rankings will be. To get quality backlinks you need publicity, and the more publicity you have, the higher the chance of getting backlinks. The best strategies use both of these to the company’s advantage.

27. More social media presence

Each time a visitor goes to your site, they will checkout your social media platforms and see who follows you. The right SEO campaign will generate numerous visitors, which translates into a certain percentage of followers.

28. Increased newsletter subscription

If you have a newsletter signup on your site, you can increase your subscribers, by exposing people to your website. Aiming to get high rankings is the best route to go down. The best strategy is to provide an incentive for all those who sign up.

29. Increased blog traffic

As your website moves up the search results, your blog content is more likely to be found. This is because your blog ranking also improves. You also will gain more traffic when you promote your blog throughout the website.

30. Improve website click-through rate

The click-through rate and SEO influence each other; to improve SEO you need to have a high rate of people clicking on your website. The rate is calculated by dividing the clicks to your site by the number of people you reached, so more clicks mean more traffic, and more traffic means higher rankings. In turn, higher rankings will get you more clicks.

31. Create a better website time-on-site

As the click-through rate increases so does the amount of time visitors will stay on your website. The longer time they spend with you, the more likely they are to buy, and your SEO rankings gets a little boost too.

32. Improved safety and security

Using SEO forces your website to be safe and secure, so visitors will be protected from fraud and viruses. It is also widely known that secure websites give rise to higher rankings.

33. Improved website speed

To grow website popularity and ranking, a quick website load time is essential. High speed sites offer a better user experience, so you want to be aware of your content and plugins to make sure you do not weigh down your page speed.

34. Better user experience

Google, along with other search engines, serve the public so they aim to provide the best user experiences. In order to get a top rank on their engines, you need to deliver relevant and quality content to ensure a better user experience.

35. SEO is growing

By 2020 SEO is projected to be worth $79 billion making for one simple reason; it works. More spending now goes into SEO than advertising, so make sure you get on board before the market is saturated and you miss out.

36. Be mobile friendly


Everything today is mobile. 50% of the Internet is mobile and this increases each day. Optimizing your website to be mobile-friendly helps you reach the next generation of potential users. Search engines favour mobile-friendly sites, and they will reward those who make their site mobile friendly.

37. Help you to stand out from the crowd

Get recognized in the crowd with an effective SEO strategy. There are over 250 million websites out there, so the higher your rankings, the more people will notice your website.

38. SEO is laser-targeted

Since SEO is keyword-based, listings appear according to the keywords being searched. Keyword targeting guarantees that you get qualified traffic, which means people that are looking for exactly what you have to offer. Without SEO, this is harder to achieve.

39. SEO traffic is real

The people who come to you from a search engine are looking for what you have; you have the solutions. So long as you have valuable content and follow through, you can generate a great deal of success through SEO.

40. SEO rankings last forever

Maybe not forever, but they do have significant longevity. Unless you employ frowned upon tactics and black-hat practices, chances are your top ranking will stay that way. Using a trusted SEO company will ensure that all strategies are in accordance with Google’s guidelines.

41. Eliminate cold-calling

Handing out fliers and cold calling gets tedious and tiresome, especially when they do not deliver the results you want. SEO brings the customers to you, so you don’t have to worry about those old school strategies, leaving time for you to focus on growing your business.

42.Grow your business

SEO exposes you to a huge market and can potentially double, triple and even quadruple your business. Opportunities to expand to different cities, states and nations are right in front of you. The right SEO strategy essentially delivers the world to you on a platter.

43. Attract talent

Google is the place many people start their journey looking for work. You can optimize your website for the positions you are seeking to fill, and avoid fees and costs associated with recruiting.

44. SEO is affordable

SEO pricing typically ranges from $800 to $2000 per month, but is more affordable than advertising. On top of this, the return you get is invaluable because a number 1 ranking on Google will get you thousands and thousands of free hits.

45. SEO is a great marketing investment

Who needs SEO?

The answer is simple; you need SEO.

This long-term asset adds value to your business and your brand, all the while bringing in quality customers and opportunities for growth. You do not get this with advertising and you save money too. Move on from the old school marketing techniques, and jump on board with SEO; the right strategy today could make you an internet success tomorrow.

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Tahir Miah

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