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Search Engine Optimization

where do we begin with this category.

This is our bread and butter, our business, our lives.

Search engine optimization or SEO is why we exist, without it we would be lost. But a part from that, not a big deal. ONLY JOKING.

your business needs SEO, to rank higher in Google, increase traffic, increase sales and conversion, to grow your brand and anything else you can think of.

You could say all of our post are about search engine optimization as all the other topics that we cover are under the term SEO but are just different strands of SEO. They are all connected. The more you read our blog the more you will learn.

The Fundamentals Of A Search Engine Friendly Website

Chapter 4- How to Create a Search Engine Friendly Website The basics of making a of search engine friendly website Search engines have a specific way they crawl and web and understand content: they are very restricted in this way. A search engine will never be able to look at a web page the way […]

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How to Conduct Keyword Research

Chapter 5- Keyword Research Guide to keyword research Every SEOs job relies on random people typing words into the search box. Great! Keyword research is one of things you can get away from. It’s a key aspect to master and getting it right could lead to a great return on your ROI. This is why you […]

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Why Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Is Necessary

Chapter 3- What is SEM? Why is search engine marketing so important? Something important to remember about SEO is that your website must be easy for the user and for the search engine robots to understand. Even though search robots are very smart and sophisticated, they will never be able to understand information the way […]

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