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It’s no secret, if you want to achieve success with search engine optimization, then you’re going to need backlinks.

However, getting quality backlinks to your page can sometimes be next to impossible. And unfortunately, this is why so many businesses owners go from one freelance SEO consultant to the next–never really getting the results they need.

Well, the good news is you don’t have to continue this cycle.

In fact, you can put an end to it today!

You see, I specialize in white hat link building strategies.

I find websites that will find your content the most interesting and then come up with great ideas, have the content created and generate the list of people who need it most. After that, the only thing left to do is to get it in front of the right audience.

Yes, this approach is simple, but its ultimately what Google and other search engines prefer.

What if I don’t have content?

There are two options when it comes to producing content.

The first is hiring someone to write the content for you. In this scenario, you would use in-house writers to produce content based on the ideas I offer.

The second option is to allow me to have the work done by one of my many subcontracted writers. This is the more beneficial option as I will be able to control the quality of the content.

There is no denying that content-based link building takes time. However, it ensures that you’re able to bypass all of the penalties that come with black hat tricks.

In a word, it’s link building done the right way.

This is one of the reasons I’m so transparent with my methods. Take a look at my process HERE.

I offer 2 services:

Auditory–I’ll offer a comprehensive technical analysis of your website in which I analyze the content of your page, the seo factors (both and and off page) as well as your competition.

Consultancy–I’ll work as your freelance SEO consultant. Not only will I create a backlink strategy for you, but I will also execute it.

When you compare these types of services to that of overseas workers who could possibly harm your website instead of help, it’s easy to see the benefits. This is a trap that a lot of businesses owners fall into. They assume that they are getting the exact same services, but at a cheaper rate. In most cases, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The promises of press releases and backlinks can be very alluring, but by the time you realize that they have actually hurt your page, it’s usually too late. At best, these types of services merely keep your business stagnant–going nowhere very quickly. It’s much more logical to hire real professionals on the front end.

There have been countless situations in which I have had to use my years of experience to save a website that has been hurt by people who claimed to know what they were doing. In these cases, the business owner has usually hired several cheaper services in hopes that they would be able to get the same results as they would with knowledgeable professionals. It’s a very costly mistake.

What you need is someone who will do the job correctly from the very beginning. A real professional will never make promises about your rankings. An actual professional will never be able to promise you an exact number of backlinks. And lastly, a genuine professional will not perform quality work for 200 bucks.

Proper Advice

What I can promise you is that with my experience, I know what, how and when to do it. Not only that, but I’m willing to share every inch of the process with you, from what and how I plan to execute it to how I have succeeded in the past.

I fully understand that as a business owner, you have plenty of other things that you have to worry about; and this is why with just the quick a click of a link, you’ll be able to access a spreadsheet that fills you in on all of the details–no secrets and no tricks.

I receive a lot of business inquiries from business owners, but I’m very selective when it comes to the jobs I choose. This is because I am most interested in those who share my core goals and values.

This level of SEO is in high demand so it means that things should be done with the best of quality in mind, always.

So who should hire me as a freelance SEO consultant?

To be honest, this form of link-building is not for everyone. It can be quite expensive and it will take time before you begin to see the full results. Typically, this service applies to you if you:

-Are a small to mid-sized business that needs a boost in traffic.

-Have an exception amount of content–the driving force behind a great outreach strategy.

-Have the budget for maintaining a link building strategy and creating the content for it.

-Are willing to give me access to your analytics and webmaster tools so that changes can be made quickly and with ease as this is crucial to your success.

-Are interested in innovation and are always willing to create content (both written and otherwise) for linking purposes.

What you get

I’m a real freelance SEO consultant based in Bedford who has a wealth of experience and executes a high-touch outreach service for a monthly fee.

You’ll get:

Technical audit. This includes on page and off page analysis. This is a report that you can keep so that even if we part ways you’ll always know what will and will not work for your website.

Strategy creation. This includes ideas for content that will make it easy for you to secure direct traffic and links from other sites.

Asset development ideas that are linkable. This includes engaging content that can be used to attract links. This is something that you can either create on your own or allow me to get a supplier to do so.

Implementation of approach strategy. This includes contacting target sites by email, instant message or even by phone in order to share our assets with them.

Live spreadsheet. This includes a spreadsheet which contains a detailed account of every task that I am performing as well as the progress that is being made.

Monthly report. This includes a monthly summary of the most important points such as the results from the previous month, who we’ll be approaching in the near future as well as user behaviors and how we can learn from them.

Cheers for reading, and if you want to know more about what I do as a freelance SEO consultant in Bedford when you become our client, check out this page.