How You Can Improve Local SEO in 2017

Are you new to local SEO?

Would you like to get better rankings in the search engines and more leads for your business?

If you want to know how you can improve local SEO in 2017 learn these five local SEO techniques that can help create a successful local SEO campaign.

How to successful local SEO campaign in 2107

If you’re familiar with Google local business listing optimization, you should know that SEO undergoes changes as time progresses.

For instance, a hot method that worked four years ago, will not help your website get high rankings with Google local search today. This is why you must learn and use new strategies that can help you excel with your online marketing campaigns.

Thousands of consumers are searching for products & services like yours. It will be extremely difficult for them to find you online, if you fail to take advantage of on-page and off-page SEO strategies.

Local competition is getting stiff. Your competitors will leave you behind if you don’t get on top of your rankings.

Here are five effective local SEO tactics that can help your business website get favourable rankings for local search terms.

1.Title and Meta Description are Important

It was reported that Google decided to increase the width of the main search results area to 600px last year. Despite this change, the acceptable length for title tags is close to fifty to sixty characters.

It’s worth pointing out that description tags can be 160 to 200 characters. It’s imperative for you to take full advantage of this space, and make certain that your titles and descriptions are not being left out of major search engines.

Seasoned SEO professionals use an emulator like Yoast’s SEO Plugin for WordPress. These tools can help you if you don’t know anything about title and meta description tags.


London florist

Yoast SEO plugin

In the world of SEO, writing titles and descriptions is an art form that requires time to master. Please remember that you will never reach your click-through rate goals if you are not using compelling, descriptive, and unique text.

It’s also critical to point out that one extra character or word, may cut off your text with dreaded ellipses (…). This will not look good to your prospective customers.

What can you learn here?

You should maximize this space. Every character is significant.

Here are some quick pointers:

Never waste your time using page names that don’t offer vital information.

Wasted Title Space

If you’re aiming for local customers, make certain you include your business location and service area.

Concentrate on using one good keyword and place it at the beginning of the tag. This simple measure is well-known for providing exceptional results for SEO professionals.

Local electricians in London screenshot

With search results, you only get one opportunity to get your prospects to click on your link. Using meaningless characters will more than likely ruin your chances of getting your prospect’s attention.

Can you really afford to waste your time and money on meaningless campaigns?

2. Citations are Huge for Local SEO

Google estimates that four out of five consumers conduct local searches with search engines.

Unfortunately, many small businesses are not taking advantage of this. They are not claiming a local online business listing. They are missing out on a golden opportunity!

It’s vital that you take measures to get listed in popular online directories like Citysearch, Yelp, and many others.

You should make an effort to get listed on respected local directories. Your local Chamber of Commerce and newspaper’s website can help you find these directories with ease. Using keywords like “[your city] directory” can help uncover some valuable directories.

It’s also critical for you to get your business contact information listed on important aggregators like Factual, Infogroup, and Axciom. Make certain that your company is consistent with these citation sites. For instance, you don’t want Google to give your potential customers the wrong number.

Discrepancies will make it difficult for your prospects to contact you.

3. Google My Business; the Best Directory

Google My Business(GMB) is starting to gain more popularity as time progresses.

London dentist screenshot

Many local search SEO experts consider it to be an important directory. This is why it deserves its own category.

Local businesses cannot afford to ignore the opportunity to get a Google My Business page. There’s no cost, and you can get tons of visitors to your website in Google’s local three-pack:

You must go through a verification process. Google wants to make certain that you are running a legitimate business. You will not be eligible for a GMB if you don’t own the business. If you’ve hired a digital marketing agency, you can give them permission to manage your page. This will help you control your listing if you decide to part ways with the agency.

Now it’s time for you to optimize your GMB listing.

You need the following for this step: A brief description of your business, your business hours, your business niche, your company’s logo, professional images of your business, and services or products.

Take your time and fill out each section carefully. Don’t worry if your business doesn’t have a physical address. You can hide it.

You should also consider getting a business listing with Bing. Bing Places for business is well-known for helping local businesses marketing their products and services.

4. Customer Reviews

Some prospective customers will search for online reviews of your company before they decide to spend their money on your service or product. It would be a big mistake for you to underestimate or ignore online reviews.

Fortunately, you can track, manage, and get reviews with reputation marketing tools.

Here are a few you need to check out:

  • Get Five Stars
  • Vendasta
  • Reputation Loop
  • Trust Pilot

Some social media platforms will help you get good results with Google local business listing optimization.

Tiny Torch and Hootsuite allows you to monitor and collect results when your brand is mentioned online. Make sure you respond to each review. This will show people that you are serious about pleasing your customers.

Your Facebook and Google My Business pages are instrumental in getting positive reviews. Getting good reviews on these platforms will help you get more customers.

5. Use Local Structured Data Markup

Local SEO tips cannot be discussed without covering local structured data markup. It can provide search engines more information about your product(s) or service(s) once it’s added to your website code. This includes your products, services, and online reviews.

At this time, close to 31.3% of websites are using this unique markup.

Most of them are sticking to the basics. Placing structured data markup on your website can help you gain a significant edge over your competitors.

structured data testing tool

Google favours structured data markup because it makes it easy for their spiders to learn more about your site’s content. They also  offers a testing tool that can help you see if you are using the markup correctly.

Google Structured Data Test Tool

Many people freak out when someone mentions coding. Luckily, you can avoid dealing with the frustration that comes with learning coding by using Google’s Data Highlighter to highlight content with a click of your mouse. In order for this to work, your website must be set-up with the Google Search Engine Console.


Mastering local search can help your website get more exposure online. The five local search SEO tips listed above can help you stay one step ahead of your competition.

Start using them today!

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