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Mobile optimization is key in this day and age if you want a successful business. With it you can have your business visible on desktop and on mobile. Considering there are billions of people who are own a mobile, it seems stupid not to optimize your website on mobile.

That’s why we have a category on it.

Just imagine all the customers and money you are missing out on.

Now Google even recognizes this, which is why they are changing their priority of indexing. Mobile searches will be indexed first, so be warned.

On our blog we like to keep informed on any updates regarding mobile and we like to share it with you guys, so kepi on reading.

Are You Ready to Join the Mobile Revolution?

why you should join the mobile revolution. start with a selfie.

Google to Start Mobile Indexing Recent news update from Google HQ have announced that they have ‘began experiments’ with mobile indexing, to help rank webpages when it comes to ranking websites.  When’s the last time you worried about your sites content being visible on mobile? Have you ever paid attention to your sites mobile compatibility? […]

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