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Our System to Ensure Success

At Serpjump we like to do things differently to other Bedford SEO agencies. That’st makes Serpjump unique. 

When I started this company, I had the intention to help businesses achieve their goals with SEO. But I needed a system.

I stopped focusing becoming a master of SEO in Bedford, which is a broad topic. I realized I needed to focus on one particular element of SEO if I really wanted to help businesses achieve their marketing goals.  So I niched down & focused on becoming an expert in link building & content promotion.

I then developed a system that will give me the best chance of achieving two major goals:

  1. Helping clients increase their brand visibility and sales.
  2. Creating a great link building agency.

So if you want to know how we scale our link building campaigns step-by-step, read on.

How we scale our link building campaign

Create Gmail

Serpjump Our system: Create a gmail accountOnce I take on a client, the first thing I do is create a Gmail account that represents the client. The email account is used to get in contact with the link targets that I find.

The reason why this step is so important is because it’s much easier to acquire links when they get sent an email from the business owner, rather than someone who works for the owner.

So whilst you’re my client, I will pretend to be you!!!

Get access to Google analytics

This is a mandatory step.

I will need access to your Google analytics account so I can see how your website is performing. I will take a look at the content and what visitors do when they visit your site.

Get access to Search Console

search console I will also need access to your Google Search Console account; this will enable me to find out what keywords your website is already showing up for, and how effective those keywords are for you. This is important because it allows me see how much traffic your keywords are bringing, and whether or not there are any low hanging fruits which you can take advantage from.

Taking a look at these accounts allow me to look for opportunities; what keywords your visitors are using to find your website, what pages are getting impressions but not clicks,etc.

This is where I roll my sleeves and start to put my money where my mouth is.

I will analyse both of these accounts and use them to find out:

  • Which piece of content is the most popular.
  • Which keywords are doing okay, but could use a little help. These are your low hanging fruits (usually ranked at the bottom of the first page, or on the next few pages)
  • Whether you have some “hidden gems”. These are keywords that are getting impressions in the search results, but are not getting clicked on by potential customers.

Check anchor text ratio

majestic SEO anchor text ratio of Serpjump

I use software such as Ahres, Moz, Majestic and SEM Rush to look into your incoming links and check the ratio of your anchor text.

The reason I do this is because it’s important for all your anchor texts to look natural.

You don’t want your links coming into your site using the exact anchor text that you want to rank for. If this is the case, I will build some relevant links to dilute the ratio, normally involving: your URL, company name, and any other relevant keyword. This is so your backlink profile looks natural to Google.

Content audit

I then look at the content you already have:

  • How much content do you have?
  • Are you regularly creating content?
  • Do you have someone creating content?
  • Do you have social media/email list?
  • How many social shares does each piece of content get?
  • Are you willing to invest in content creation?

I then make a list of all of your good content. I can then easily approach link targets with your content.

However, if you don’t not have any good content or any content at all (don’t worry this happens a lot), we will have to create content that link targets will find interesting.

If you already have someone working for you that creates content for you, great! If not I will have to get one of the content writers who work for me to create content.

NOTE: This is an additional cost, but it’s the best option if you have no content or lack of quality content. 

Ideally you will give me a content budget, for both on site content (content going on your website) and off site content (content going on someone else’s website).

Links audit

I will then audit your website and check all the incoming links.

I will look for the following:

  • Has your website got any spammy links?
  • Is your anchor text ratio well balanced?

Lastly, I will check your metrics.

These are the metrics I will look for on your website: 

  • Trust Flow.
  • Citation Flow.
  • Domain Authority.
  • Page Authority.

Add the information into a spread sheet

I put together all the information I have collected above, and add the information into a spreadsheet which is updated in real time.

This allows me to keep up to date with all the content that I will be using, what keywords we are ranking for and what keywords we should aim to rank for.

Create a list of Google operators; tailored to the client’s line of work

search operators for chiropractor

I then take the keywords in the previous step to create a huge list of Google Operators.

Google operators are a words and phrases that can be added on to search terms that retrieve specific results.

Using these operators allows me to find very specific types of websites which will be perfect to get a link from.


If one of my clients was a chiropractor, I would use a search term like ‘chiropractors inurl:resources’.   

Once I type this into Google, websites that include the word “resource” in the UR & are about chiropractors will appear in the search results. These will be the websites that we want to target for a link, if the client I was working for was in the chiropractic industry.

Select what links to use

Selecting what links to use depends on the client’s budget, and their willingness to add content to their site.

Depending on the type of site you have and the results we obtained, I will select a few different types of links that would be the best fit for your site. These will be the foundation of your SEO campaign.

If the client is in an industry where it’s very niche specific and not very mainstream, I will very likely try and get quite a few guest posts. This means putting content on someone else’s site, but with a link back to your site. People who read the guest post will see a link back to your website and give your site a traffic boost. This method is especially good if you don’t have enough content on your website.

Create a content management plan for the client

Serpjump link targets

Now all the nitty gritty work is done, it’s time to create a plan on what to do for the next few months.

You will always be up to date on our work, as the reporting document is updated in real time and is available for you to view whenever you want. Not only that, you will also be able to see what tasks we have completed and what we are aiming to do.

You see can how far we have come to finish a task by viewing the status tab. They are either “assigned”, “working” or “completed”.

Find opportunities and focus on retrieving email addresses and contact names

At this point I try to create a list of targets to get links from.

In SEO this is called ‘prospecting’.

I try to find the personal contact information for the person I am trying to contact for a link, mainly their email address and name. This makes it easier and more effective to get a link.

Outreach to targets

My next step is to contact the prospects.  

I use a personalised email, to try and get one of your guest post on their site.

Normally the prospect often wants something in return, in terms of content. This is a simple exchange. The prospect wants great content on their site, and you want your content on their website.

It is mutually beneficial.

If they like your content a lot, they may even share your site on their social media.

Follow up

This is one of the simplest, yet effective parts of any SEO campaign. It’s also one that is often overlooked by many people.

Company owners are very busy. They get loads of emails a day and it is very easy to ignore these emails. The best way to get noticed and get a response, and maybe even a link, is to send a follow up email, or 5. 

This gets you on their radar, and your likeliness to get a link increases.

Tracking emails helps to know who has actually opened an email and ignored it, and those that haven’t even seen the email yet. These people will receive different follow up emails.


During and after your campaign, you will see that your referral traffic has grown as well as your organic traffic.

This is because my system is based around growing  two important factors.

Your referral traffic grows because of the links and content we have placed on other people’s site. These people click on your link as they are interested in the information your website has to offer. This will inevitably convert people into buying your product or service.

Your organic traffic will grow as all the links that you have gained are from relevant and authoritative websites. Google sees this and rewards you with organic rankings, which means even more traffic for you. Organic traffic also means people are actively searching for what you have to offer. These people will very likely buy your product or services.

Link expectations

The amount of links I get varies from client to client.

This depends on a few things:

  • The type of content we have.
  • The response we get from the prospects.
  • How much your budget is.
  • What product or service you are selling.

But on average, I often get between 10-20 links per month.

The more content I receive, the more links I can get.

NOTE: If you do not have enough content, it will need to be created. You can create the content yourself, or have one of my experienced writers do it for you.

The document, reporting and tracking

Everything is reported in 2 documents:

Link sheet– This is a live spreadsheet which contains many tabs related to your link building campagin.

It includes:

  • The project plan.
  • All targets\prospects along with their contact details.
  • The status of the outreach.
  • Opportunities.
  • Content that I have available.
  • Live links.
  • Usernames and passwords for any accounts I have set up.

You will get a link to the Google sheet!!!

This means you will always have access to our work, and will always know what has been done and where we are going with the link building campaign.

End of month report- This is a document you receive at the end of every month, detailing what we have done for that month.

We document the results in traffic we have received. It also will detail what our action plan is for the following month.

Thas’s it, our whole link building system right in front of you.

So what are you waiting for?

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