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Search Engine Optimization

where do we begin with this category.

This is our bread and butter, our business, our lives.

Search engine optimization or SEO is why we exist, without it we would be lost. But a part from that, not a big deal. ONLY JOKING.

your business needs SEO, to rank higher in Google, increase traffic, increase sales and conversion, to grow your brand and anything else you can think of.

You could say all of our post are about search engine optimization as all the other topics that we cover are under the term SEO but are just different strands of SEO. They are all connected. The more you read our blog the more you will learn.

Link Building tips for Small Businesses

Small Businesses thumbnail

Link Building Strategies For Small Business Ask any digital marketer what their most challenging task is and they are likely to tell you that it’s link building. Luckily, there are a few things that you can do in order to make getting started easier. Let’s define what link building is, and what strategies local businesses […]

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How to Start a WordPress Blog in 2018

WordPress take off

How to Start a WordPress Blog in 2018 So you’ve seen popular blogs… and now you’re jealous :0 Only joking! Nonetheless, you want to create a WordPress blog, and make money from it. Am I right? It all sounds nice… but it’s not easy. However, it can be done, if you do it the right […]

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13 Advanced SEO Tactics You Can Use in 2018

13 advanced SEO tactics

SEO is just as important as it ever was in 2018. Google takes search engine optimization seriously which is why they are always trying to give searchers the best results. What does this mean? It means SEO is still popular more than ever, and you should take it more seriously. Good thing for you is, […]

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How You Can Improve Local SEO in 2017

how to improve local SEO thumbnail

Are you new to local SEO? Would you like to get better rankings in the search engines and more leads for your business? If you want to know how you can improve local SEO in 2017 learn these five local SEO techniques that can help create a successful local SEO campaign. How to successful local SEO […]

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