Why You Should Have a Smart Social Media Strategy?

What’s Your Social Media Strategy?

Often you hear internet marketing gurus explain different marketing strategies as separate endeavors, and in some cases this may be the route to go down. Link building, content marketing, and social media marketing, can all be implemented separately.However, it would be a better idea to pursue all these marketing strategies at the same time, in order to achieve the best results.

Having a SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing campaign running simultaneously will enhance your success rate in driving traffic, increasing revenue, and creating a great brand.

Working out a social media plan is easy

How they work together

The content you promote will help bring in high quality links and optimize your website in certain keywords. Social media works side by side your content promotion by making your content visible to more people.

But, how does your SEO benefit from a social media strategy?

Can social media help you rank high in Google?

Social media profiles

When you first set up a social media account on any platform, you always have to fill out some information about yourself or your business.

Claim and fill out your social media profiles with any information involving your business. This should include your business name, address and phone number etc.

This information is extremely helpful when it comes to local search results, as the information is indexable, meaning it will help you rank higher.

There are many sites that pick up information about local businesses on social media, which they then use for data on there own website. Google in turn uses the information gathered by these third-party websites to form its own data for its local businesses listings.

This means social media can actually help improve your rankings on Google.

Inbound links

Google looks at two things when trying to rank results for a query, authority and relevancy.

Google determines authority mainly by the link profile of any given page, and the overall domain in general.

The more trustworthy your links are, the higher you will be ranked.

Basically, the more authoritative links that are pointing to your page or domain, the higher you will show in Google.

When it comes to relevancy, Google looks at how well it meets the needs of a particular search query.

If you put into the Google search engine something like “what’s the best way to improve rankings?” and your webpage is optimized around the keyword “off-page SEO”, then Google will not rank you very high in the SERPs.

Google won’t rank you, because you are not answering the question posed.

This is another reason why social media is important to you marketing campaign, as it operates as a syndication platform.

When you post something on Facebook, Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn, it doesn’t have a direct impact on your  rankings. What it does is it helps increase your visibility, and therefore can help your content receive more links.

Social media helps spread the world

I mentioned above about social medias ability to act as a syndicate for information, helping amplify your reach.

But it also helps build a brand.

The more you create and publish content on the various social media platforms available, the more people will know about your business, and services/ product.

It helps build your very own audience and following who get to know you through the content you create, and by the articles you post.

Just imagine if you had a big following on Twitter and you posted a link, redirecting them to an amazing article you’d written.

Just imagine the amazing comments, likes, and re-tweets you would get from it.

These re-tweets and shares would get read by people who you weren’t even targeting.

However, this alone will not help your SEO. Every reader is a possible blogger, editor, or journalist who has the potential to link back to your content as a reference to their own work.

Social media can massively help you inbound link profile.

Another thing I must add, is that Google regularly indexes contents from social media, just like they do for mobile or desktop.  This means if you time your post correctly and you optimize your post from an SEO standpoint, you have the chance to directly show up in the SERPs.

Social signals

This is one of those hot heated topics.

Many people have differing opinions on what they are, and if they even have an affect at all on your search rankings at all.

The debate gets more confusing when Google chimes in.

They have both dismissed the idea of social signals, as well as accepted their place as a key factor in search rankings for its algorithm.


The idea behind social signals is that the more social media shares an article gets, the more authority the article has, and the higher it will rank in Google. However, there is evidence to the contrary.

In a study conducted by Searchmetrics in 2015, showed how much social media shares had a part to play in the overall ranking factors.

The results were shocking!

They showed that Tweets, Facebook shares, Pinterest pins and Google+ +1s had a very minimal effect on rankings.

Another study by Moz showed similar results.

Whatever you make of this, one thing for sure, and that’s how social media shares give articles more visibility, inbound links and traffic.

So there is a SEO benefit whatever your take on social signals.

Becoming an influencer

hang around with influencers to grow your brand

Social media opens the door to new opportunities.

It helps builds relationships and connections, to other people who are very influential. These influencers have a sizable following, and a credible reputation in their niche.

You should be trying to work with these people as often as possible. By guest posting regularly, you can increase your influence and slowly become and influencer yourself. In this case, social media helps your SEO opportunities.


Having a social media strategy will improve your search rankings, if executed correctly.

But remember, you need to think long-term when thinking about your social media campaign.

Follow these best practices for optimal results:

  • Fill out social media profiles.
  • Promote content on social media.
  • Gain social media shares.
  • Interact with influencers.

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Tahir Miah

Tahir Miah is an entrepreneur, digital marketer and SEO enthusiast. He is the founder of Serpjump, a Bedford link building agency. Tahir currently advises companies on the best way to increase revenue and brand awareness through SEO, content marketing and link building. He can be found on @serpjump

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