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User Experience

Everything you do is for the user

User experience is a topic that has been popular of late, or that’s what people think. In reality it has been around for ages and it is what Google’s aim is. To give people the best user experience possible.

When you search something on Google, Google wants to make sure that the most relevant website appear to answer your query. This is why there are some many Google updates, to benefit the user.

Your SEO should be no different.

Make your website with your user in mind. No clutter, constant pop-ups, etc. This will decrease conversions and lower rankings.

Giver anyone who crosses your website, either n desktop or mobile a goo experience.

How Usability & User Experience Affect Rankings


SEO and User Experience Welcome to chapter 6 of the beginners guide to SEO. In this chapter you’ll learn about how usability & user experience affect rankings. In this guide to search engine optimization we cover the following: Introduction to SEO How Search Engines Work How People Interact With Search Engines Why Search Engine Marketing Is Necessary […]

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Are You Ready to Join the Mobile Revolution?

why you should join the mobile revolution. start with a selfie.

Google to Start Mobile Indexing Recent news update from Google HQ have announced that they have ‘began experiments’ with mobile indexing, to help rank webpages when it comes to ranking websites.  When’s the last time you worried about your sites content being visible on mobile? Have you ever paid attention to your sites mobile compatibility? […]

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