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Web Design Bedford, Bedfordshire

Web design Bedford isn’t just about bright colourful images on a homepage. It’s all about implementing usability-driven design to increase more sales and conversions for your business, whether it is a brick and mortar or E-Commerce. Web design Bedford is also all about making your website responsive to different devices (especially mobile) so people can have the same experience no matter what platform they are using.

Obviously your site has to look good, but it shouldn’t hinder the performance and speed of your website. No one wants to visits a site, and experiences a slow site, it’s the worst. The key is to find the correct balance of user friendliness, and aesthetics. Creating an effective web design is all about attracting your audience as well as capturing extra leads to your business.

Web Design Bedford knows exactly how to achieve this.

Bedford Web Design: Our Principles create with bedford web design

The design of your website can make or break your site. The last thing this Bedford web design company wants is to lure you into thinking that the most important thing in web design is all about shiny, bright images and elements. WRONG. It may look nice visually but in a few months’ time when no leads are coming in, you may want to re-think your idea about the ‘design’ of your site. Design just doesn’t mean images and videos, it’s also about functionality and user experience. 

Here are our Web Design principles:

Functionality: Bedford web design don’t like to design a website without proper functionality and purpose. Everything needs to have a purpose. We don’t like designing irrelevant things just because it looks nice. It has to have a purpose. In our opinion good design is aimed to achieve maximum ROI. This our main goal RETURNS ON IINVESTMENT. Everything that we add to your website has a purpose or goal. Maybe its lead generation, sales conversion or brand awareness. Either way we’re goal oriented.

User Experience: Bedford web design knows how to provide user experience. We know where to put certain elements like the “add to cart”, so people click on it. Bedford web design can create a responsive site that displays equally on mobile, tablet or desktop.

Brand Identity: At the end of the day it’s your website and we acknowledge that. We are not like other Bedford web designers or do what they want to do because they think it’s right. Serpjump believes the website has to reflect the brand, its values and it’s principles.

Web Design for Ecommerce

You have a have a good ecommerce site? Maybe. But could it be better, 100% yes.

Here’s why:

Knowledge:  Serpjump knows about ecommerce and we have worked with many ecommerce sites, so we know your needs and will be able to help you in achieving your goals.

Usability: Any web designer in Bedford can put your products; however we can make sure they convert online sales through great usability throughout your website, especially on your sales pages.

Technology: We use the best eCommerce platforms in the world in order to make sure you get the best design and performance for your business.

Integration: Web design Bedford can easily implement different and varied eCommerce elements to your website when you need them. This can include promotions and seasonal sales.  Also, we are very good at integrating systems such as fulfilment, ERP and CRM.

SEO Friendly: More than anything Serpjump specialises in SEO. We know the importance of making your website search engine friendly so your rank higher in Google, and get as much traffic (potential customers) to your site.

Want to know more about SEO? Visit our blog.

Web Design For Lead Generation web design bedford: responsive site

If you want more leads you’re one of two camps.

A): you want more leads but you don’t know what to do to get them


B): you want more leads AND you know what to do to get them BUT you don’t know how to effectively implement those ideas to get them

That’s why you need our help.

Best SEO company Bedford allows your audience to easily navigate on your site in a manner which eventually leads them to your sales pages and click the checkout button when they’re done.

What we do:

·         Use our SEO knowledge to increase your rankings in the SERPs , increasing traffic and sales.

·         Set up a visual, aesthetics website that appeals to your audience.

·         A/B testing to correctly identify what colour, font, pages your audience likes.

·         Include informative content to keep people on your site, reducing bounce rate.

·         Upload regular, useful, engaging content to keep your audience and also grow it.

·         Turn the average person who visits your site into well paying customers.

 Responsive Design

In the modern era of digital marketing you NEED a responsive site. The last thing you want is having many customers visiting your site on a mobile or tablet only, intending to buy something you’re selling only to be put off by the small writing, slow performance and low resolution images. Look at all the stats, they all point to the importance of a mobile-friendly site in order to keep business and encourage customers to buy from you.

Functionality on mobile is not an option it’s MANDATORY, for success.

A responsive design also has more benefits than you think!!!

Having a website that an automatically adjust to any device or platform does wonders for brand identity, levels of engagements and sales conversion.

Don’t fall behind in the race

If you haven’t got a responsive design website then your falling behind in the race and your competitors are running rings around you.

Do you want to take the lead and get gold?

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